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Chemistry of Sound

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 Activating the Seed of Human Potentials and Building High-Performance People

Uplifting Life Frequency by Frequency, Vibration by Vibration, Intention by Intention.







Note: This material is offered for research and educational purposes only.


"Lights (Noor) of Sound Within"  

 The ecstasy and love that you are, The ecstasy and love that we are,
 The ecstasy and love that all life is - created from Lights,


 Precise vibrations that contain keys to access Sound - is Lights of Sound.

 Precise vibrations that contain keys - to access more of the ecstasy and love that you are, that we are.


 Like musicians playing wonderful music together in an orchestra, the vibrational systems of each person's whole being can resonate joyously together, allowing the Soul to play its 'Symphony of Life' in beautiful ways everyday.



Note: This material is offered for research and educational purposes only.



We can transform the world with our Expression of Love, our Light Frequencies and our Sound Vibrations! 


Become aware that your thoughts, feelings, lights (noor) and sounds are part of the process of raising the vibratory rate of this planet. The energy of sound coupled with the feeling of appreciation can be one of the most powerful way to 'Project' Intentional-Sound. Become aware that this sound of light is assisting in creating unity, peace and harmony on the Earth.

Consciously project sound along with others throughout the planet for the purpose of Global Harmonization - assisting and enhancing peace and harmony on the earth. The combination of sound, light and consciousness is an extraordinary means of co-creating 'Transformation' on both personal and planetary level.




According to the most recent discoveries of modern physics, the whole universe is nothing but vibration, a symphony of sounds, a dance of lights (noor). Every system in the universe, the elementary particles, the galaxies, and every human physiology, is really just composed of sound and light, a state of vibration of the Kun, the Unified Field, the fundamental unity at the basis of the vast diversity of the Cosmos.

The particles of nature, of which we are composed, are the vibrational modes of the Kun - the Unified Field. The human physiology is therefore just a compound of sound and light, that is evolving, unfolding and growing, until the ultimate wholeness, the fully blossomed cosmic potential of individual consciousness, mind and nervous system - is Fully Expressed. As human beings, we are an evolving, complex package of sound vibrations and light frequencies. This is a scientific fact today.


If we want to boost and improve our current vibrational state and accelerate the pace of our evolution, that is, if we want to facilitate our transformation from one state into the next, then we must add to our present state those necessary frequencies vibrations, those catalysts of sound and light, that transform one state of vibration into the next.


Through this process, we can also prevent any rising imbalances within our present evolutionary state. To take a very basic example from nutritional science, if our physiology is deficient in vitamin-B and we begin to fall ill, then that deficiency can be alleviated simply by taking the necessary "B" vitamin. But vitamin-B is nothing other than a package of sound vibration and light frequency.  So even modern medicine and the nutritional sciences are ultimately sciences of sound and light.



The Technology of Realization - TR-Kun program is a far more refined and holistic science of sound and light (noor) that is based upon the "Kun", the total knowledge of Natural Law of the Cosmos, the knowledge of the Unified Field, the field of All Possibilities. The TR-Kun program can take any existing state of a system, any existing state of a nation, any existing state of vibration of a person, and add the specific sounds and lights necessary to bring that state into the next sequential phase of it’s natural evolutionary sequence. It can accelerate the speed of evolution of the system, nation, and also prevent or remove any rising imbalances or approaching disasters.

We could look at an example from modern physics to show how the mechanics of evolution is really just the mechanics of the transformation of sound and light. In diagram-1, we see what physics calls a Feynman Diagram, the simplest possible example of the mechanics of transformation in nature. We start with what we call an 'Electron', in actuality, an incoming state of vibration or sound. We want to transform that electron into some desirable outgoing state, in this case, an 'Up-quark', which we see emerging on the right.

In order to transform the Electron, which represents one state of vibration of the Kun - the Unified Field, into a pair of Up-quarks, we add the desired ingredient in the form of sound, in this case, the specific vibrational frequency known as a "Positron". The Positron is exactly the sound or frequency needed to transform the incoming state into the desired outgoing state.

So the whole process of transformation and evolution in nature is really the ultimate and absolute Qur'anic mechanics of the transformation of sound vibrations and light (noor) frequencies. We could call it the chemistry of sound and light, which is fully perfected in the science of the TR-Kun  program through the sciences of Sound-Cymatics, Intention-Hado, and the technologies of Light Frequencies.


In this science of TR-Kun, the sounds and the lights (noor) needed to accelerate evolutionary transformations in our own individual lives are added through specific Qir'at (the recitation of the selected Qur'anic verses with the right tone, pitch, vibration and frequency) performed by Qaari-Darvesh. These highly trained and realized Spiritual Qaari-Darvesh masters and scholars are experts in the recitation of the Qur'anic Sounds and the 'Assemblage of the Precise Sounds - of Creation', needed to effect the desired transformation. These Qur'anic sounds simultaneously counterbalance any negative influences from our past that may be reaching fruition in our near future, because these Qur'anic recitations create precisely focused positive effects. This is the  chemistry of sound and light (the noor of the creator) known as the Technology of Realization, TR-Kun program.


We are currently at the forefront of using sound to affect the body, mind and spirit. These are exciting times with many new

discoveries and developments. The potential areas of use may be limited only by our imagination.



Note: This material is offered for research and educational purposes only.


An example of such a 'basic' sound of creation for your practice as a novice.


The 'AH' Sound
To Generate Peace and Compassion


The "AH" sound, in whatever key or tone, is an extremely powerful sound of creation, particularly useful for generating peace and compassion. The peace and compassion are truly keys to transformation of consciousness on this planet.

As you may know, the "AH" sound is a sacred 'SEED' syllable. It is found in most of the God and Goddess names on the planet earth (Allah, Khuda, Tara, Buddha, Krishna, Yah, Astara, Raam, Kami Sama), as well as many of the sacred words (Amen, Alleluia, Aum). Most mystical traditions worldwide also find it to be the sound of the heart chakra. Yet, as a vowel sound, it defies denomination or description as a mantra and is acceptable by everyone.

To do this, simply sound the “AH”, feeling the energy of peace and compassion as the sound resonates in your heart center. While making this “AH”, visualize a beam of pink and gold energy going initially from you and spreading throughout this planet. As you make this sound, and do this visualization, feel the energy of peace and compassion within and without yourself. This feeling of peace while you make the sound is essential to the effectiveness of projecting the “AH”.

Here is another exercise using the “AH” sound that is extremely beneficial for developing compassion within self and then generating it to others. Start first with yourself and begin to tone the “AH” sound while feeling the energy of compassion and peace within. Once you have been able to achieve this feeling, visualize a person with whom you have neutral energy and send this energy to them while making this sound. Finally, make the “AH” sound while sending the energy of peace and compassion to someone with whom you’ve had some difficulty. It is this last part of the exercise that provides the greatest opportunity for spiritual growth. It is easy to send love and peace to someone you already love. Or, with the second part of the exercise, someone you don’t have any real feelings about. It can be a real challenge to send compassion to someone you don’t love and whom you may consider to be an enemy. Yet, herein lies the most extraordinary evolutionary activation that can occur on both a personal and planetary level. If we can learn to do this, we will great assist the ascension of the Earth.



The latest research on the High-Energy - Elementary Particle Physics of Super Symmetric String (Quantum Gravity) states that all the elementary particles, such as the electron, and all the forces, such as the photon of electromagnetism, are just the stable vibrational modes of the Superstring - the Kun. This also is true of atoms, molecules - and indeed of any stable object, whether microscopic or macroscopic.

The mechanics of transformation of one particle into another, or one chemical compound into another, is always through the application of sound. For example, to transform sugar into water you add oxygen. To transform a diseased state of the physiology into a healthy state you add herbs or pharmaceuticals. But ultimately, all such particles and compounds are just sounds - vibrational modes of the Unified Field.

This is the ‘chemistry of sound,’ through which you can transform anything into anything.



Light is Energy

  • Visible Light is a form of wave energy and the only part of electromagnetic spectrum that we can see.

  • The light spectrum: light waves of a specific energy level will emit a particular color.

  • When all of the spectral colors travel together, they combine to make white light.

  • The speed of light deepens on the composition and density of the medium how many atoms are getting in the way.

  • Properties of light: Light can also reflect, or bounce, off objects. This is what causes us to see.

  • Light rays emitted from a light source effect off objects in all directions and transmit the image of that object to your eye.

  • Objects with very smooth surfaces, like mirrors, reflect light so well that they redirect it in a single direction.





Note: This material is offered for research and educational purposes only.


Sound is Energy

Energy In The Air: How Sound Is Made 


CRASH! BANG! Did you hear that sound? It was made by air vibrating. The same is true for sounds made by musical instruments. The difference between NOISE and MUSIC is that musical sounds are organized into patterns that have pitch and rhythm. Noise is just random, disorganized sounds. Sounds are made and travel in the same way whether they are musical sounds or noise.


A musical sound is called a tone, and is produced by air vibrating a certain number of times per second. These vibrations are called waves. These sound waves must be contained in some way so that the performer can control the loudness, quality of the tone, and how long it plays. Most musical instruments have a reed, a string, or some other device that creates sound waves when moved. Sounds are different because of harmonics, which are higher and quieter sounds mixed in. They are not heard separately, but add to the tone of the sound, making an oboe sound different from a trumpet or drum.


The number of times that a sound wave vibrates in a second is called its frequency. Scientists even have a name for how they measure the frequency of sounds. They measure it in cycles and call it hertz. High notes have a higher frequency than lower notes and this changes their shape. Different types of sound waves have different shapes. Look at these images to see what sound waves "look" like.


soundwave2.GIF (12001 bytes)


Notice that even if pitch and volume change, the shape of the sound wave stays the same.


Some instruments produce sound when blown into. For the brass instruments, the vibration of the player’s lips make the column of air vibrate. Most woodwinds have a reed, which vibrates when the player blows on it, making the column of air vibrate. Sound is produced from the flute when the player blows across the mouthpiece, causing vibration of the column. This image shows how the sound waves of different instruments might look.


soundwave3.GIF (6378 bytes)




Wrap some stiff tissue paper around a comb. Hum on the paper and feel the vibration as it shivers. OR, tape some paper tightly over one end of a cardboard tube. Sing into the tube, gently touching the paper. Can you feel the vibrations? Try making your voice higher or lower, and notice the different types of vibrations.

The string section of the orchestra, such as the cello, violin and harp, produce sound when one or more of their strings vibrate. The vibrating strings then cause part of the instrument to vibrate, putting the surrounding air in motion. The strings of cellos and violins are usually stroked with a bow. With some instruments the strings are plucked, such as the harp or guitar.




Wrap a rubber band around your fingers. Pluck it a few times. Can you see and feel the vibrations? The harder you pluck the rubber band, the more it will vibrate, creating a louder sound. If you stretch the rubber band, making it longer and thinner, what do you hear? (It will be a higher pitch.)

Other instruments produce sounds when struck, banged, shook or scraped. When the membrane (the stretched part) of a drum is hit, it vibrates and creates a sound. Instruments such as the xylophone or chimes, have a series of tubes or bars. When you strike one of the tubes or bars, a sound is produced.




Tap an empty metal tin with a spoon. Feel it vibrate as it makes a sound. This is similar to playing a triangle. Fill an empty glass jar with water almost to the top. Take a pencil, and gently tap it near the rim. Fill other jars with different amounts of water in them. Do the jars sound differently? The more water in the jar, the lower the pitch, because the vibrations are slower.





Chemistry is the interaction of energy and matter.


After the implementation of the Technology of Realization within a few months, no one will remember the history of negativity and suffering.

Everyone in every nation will be blessed with positivity. Everyone will live the truth that life is bliss.



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